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Twitter: ♥: Regrets are failures in life, i've had them before. Those times that i tripped and fell, cried and screamed alone in the darkness. But i've never regretted it, because with those i'm a stronger person. The person i'm today.

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愛、妥協、結婚式 。 ♥ 永遠のボンディング(:
Thursday, December 31, 2009, 11:29 PM
uncle alan's wedding in malaysia's on the coming sunday, i'm so excited because uncle alan has always been important to us. i've always loved weddings, the wedding gowns/the banquet but most importantly, it's two person's very special day. it holds such great significance for the groom and the bride, the eternal bond, though it comes with great responsibilites while compromises are made. i want to get married too , hahas (: nah, i don't even have a partner .__. aww, guess it's every girls dream to get married

been night cycling and skating recently, hanging out with kazuhiko and kazuhiro. watched bodyguards and assasins and alvin and the chipmunks two. bodyguards and assasins was freaking boring .__. while alvin and the chipmunks two was hilarious (: i want to watch sherlock holmes/ avatar/ treasure hunter, anyone wants to watch these too? kazuhiro, my sweetest god son caught me a stitch, it was his first time and he caught it and gave it to me! thanks son having dinner with my family tonight, because it's my grandfather's birthday. meeting yejie after dinner with pekfang, guess we're heading over to oasis tonight. it's been a long time since i last went to drink, guess it's okay to drink once in awhile .___. oh and i guess the ink at red chamber isn't that good, because their grey turned pink, i'm going back to touch up, well i guess i'll have to wait and see how it goes :9 photos of these past few days would be uploaded soon.


♥ pictures/ memories of my journey (:
Friday, December 18, 2009, 12:20 PM





ink inking ink-ed ♥
, 10:42 AM

ivy and i got ink-ed at red chambers,i fell asleep while inking tho. love the feeling of inking, i crave for more but if i get anymore i'll probably be chased out of the house, sleeping on the streets. went to serangoon after inking, met up with ray and weian. left for downtime to meet kazuhiko for l4d after ivy ate. after a round of l4d, and few rounds of audition we left for shunfu mart to have breakfast. ivy left for home afterwhich, and i went to kazuhiko's house to clean and decorate his house for the christmas house party. can't wait, the only thing left is the alcohol. kazuhiko, thanks for always being by my side :] well tomorrow's kazuhiro's big day, kazuhiko and me will be fetching him back, he's finally going to be a free man/boy :] (photos will be up soon, in the next post ♥ )

fengzi/wind's a tattoo artist from red chambers, currently he's having a tattoo promotion for people age sixteen to twenty, full back for two thousand dollars. if you're interested, please book an appointment with him. handphone: 98399114 red chamber's located at (100 Eu Tong Sen Street #02-14 Pearl's Centre Singapore 059812)

ジョーカー、 DESMOND.
Tuesday, December 15, 2009, 11:07 AM
私が君たち欠場。 (セラングーン兄弟や姉妹)

i've been staying at home these few days, playing facebook games. eat,sleep and play. nothing interesting untill today :] web cam with desmond, didn't see him for a long long time already.

desmond and my conversation in messenger "
[c=46]desmond[/c][c=29]CHAN[/c][c=20]=)[/c] [c=48] fANtASy[/c] [c=31]DkX [/c] says:
LOL You owe me a punch now

♥靖雯kumiko says : 诱惑,罪孽 。 says:
LOL why ?
[c=46]desmond[/c][c=29]CHAN[/c][c=20]=)[/c] [c=48] fANtASy[/c] [c=31]DkX [/c] says:
HAHAHAH Cause You QIAN BIAN I very JI JIAO I'll remember who owe me punches You owe me 1 punches And after that post
♥靖雯kumiko says : 诱惑,罪孽 。 says:
[c=46]desmond[/c][c=29]CHAN[/c][c=20]=)[/c] [c=48] fANtASy[/c] [c=31]DkX [/c] says:
you are going to owe me 2 punches and 1 kick .
" uhs , see what that meanie said ? :}

PrintScreen (:



クリスマス ♥ Christmas
Saturday, December 12, 2009, 4:51 AM
私は再び自分の生活を始めるよ。 勉強を開始し、ハードディスクは自分の将来のために働い。 幸運私には(: 私母親,は良母親.人々は私を信じて停止するが、彼女はしませんでした。 感謝母に♥ ! :]

santa's coming to town people ! ♥ well, have been hanging out at kazuhiko's place. kiyoko's currently selling log cakes, i've seen pictures of it. information for the weight watchers, all cakes are made with low fat ingredients and high quality flour. It comes in different designs and toppings, more detailed information will be at the bottom of this post if you're interested, pictures would be up as soon as i get them.

Homemade Christmas Log Cakes
Essentially there are three flavors,
1 Durian Exotic for the Venturing Ones $38
2 Snow White for the Faint Hearted $32
3 Ultimate Chocolate Ganache for the Chocoholics $35

Two new flavours in the house,
*NEW* Tropical cheese cake $42
*NEW* Oreo Cheese cake $42

To order, please contact kiyoko by 16th december 2009.
For big orders at discounted rates and deliveries, she can be contactable for further details too. there will be additional charge for home deliveries.

Deliveries are available from 23rd to 26th december 2009. merry christmas!

Contacts - email: xiiaoru93@hotmail.com

写真と私たちの思い出 ❤
Tuesday, December 8, 2009, 11:54 PM
9th december 2009
today, ate with mummy at sakura, again. well happy birthday mummy, i love you ! played l4d two with kiyoko and kazuhiko before i came back home to have the photos uploaded, it's according to date and it's category. hence, it's a little messy due to the picture being horizontal/vertical. sihui, kiyoko, kazuhiro and kazuhiko please don't blame me for uploading your unglamarous photos :p christmas's coming and santa's coming to my house, i want presents! (: oh, and look at my dark eye rings it's hideous. i need more sleep, i need to rest, guess i'll need sleeping pills. ):

the dustbin in front of angmokio hub :x

8th december 2009 - downtime (:

8th december 2009 - void deck (:

30th november to 6th december (:

my sister's and my dress (:

great grandmother house (:

uncle's second house (: