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Twitter: ♥: Regrets are failures in life, i've had them before. Those times that i tripped and fell, cried and screamed alone in the darkness. But i've never regretted it, because with those i'm a stronger person. The person i'm today.

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Friday, November 27, 2009, 4:55 AM
since primary school .

→ as time pass us by, together we'll stay ♥
, 3:16 AM
27th november 2009
uhs, peilin couldn't make it in the end, hence i stayed home. brought little brother daniel to the market place with mommy, for a haircut, and mummy bought loads of sweets for me, and some groceries for tonight's dinner. i love home cooked food (: three cheers for mummmmy !

26th november 2009
bodyache, hence i stayed home and watched the show ♥ [ 妻子的诱惑 ] instead, i'm at episode sixty-five already (:

25th november 2009
was on webcam with edmund.y when joshua,sky and kiyoko came over to my house. joshua bought my favourite beehoon for me, thanks bro :] after sky and ru left, joshua and i decided to go jogging with ivy. we strolled and jogged over to ivy's house, and waited for her to get ready. she took darn long, joshua and i think she's getting ready for a beauty pageant instead. we finally left after what seems like hours, on our way to joshua's house, a BIG black snake slithered across our path and ivy screamed like nobody's buisness , i did not scream (: jogged to joshua's house, then to angmokio central, slacked with peilin for awhile and jogged to explorer. we had dinner at my house downstairs and they left after sending me home. i really appreciate the little things that you guys do for me, thanks (:

revolted, disgusted.
Tuesday, November 24, 2009, 11:46 PM
will be updating pictures as soon as possible , had sushi with pekfang on the
seventeen and pizzahut on the eigthteen . been slacking these few days with
a clique, lost track of time. it's time for me to decide, what's important and
what's not. went jogging with peilin yesterday(24th), chatted with kangwei
and zhiwei for an hour or so, i left for home. currently obssesed with a show
called ♥ [ 妻子的诱惑 ] , my desktop went *BOOM* so i'm using my sister's
laptop. supposed to go cycling at east coast park with jenny.o but i was lazy.
friday, i'm going to swim with peilin and saturday i'm meeting a friend who's
going to pass me my belated birthday present. sunday i'm going into malaysia,
to celebrate my great grand mother's birthday (:

happy birthday, zhenggang daddy :] 爸爸,生日快乐 。(24thnovember)
may all your wishes come true, and lastly hope you did great for your o's (:


i have my reasons .
Monday, November 16, 2009, 1:50 PM
16th november 2009
reached home at five in the morning after parting with sandy.k and leefong, used the computer till six in the evening without sleeping. went to sleep at six thirty in the evening, wasted a day just like this :[

15th november 2009
sandy.k and me, taken on the cab to angmokio central.
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met up with sandy.k and cabbed over to meet andrew at angmokio central for dinner and movies. initially we wanted to have sushi at broadwayplaza, but there was a long queue hence we headed to pinsi at hub for dinner, afterwhich we headed to the theatres on level four, sandy.k wanted to watch '2012' but it was sold out. hence we went to zonex instead, andrew went to play games, so me and sandy.k decided to take neoprints because it's been four years since we last took them together. afterwhich we headed to kpool for a round of billard and andrew and us parted ways. me and sandy.k cabbed over to explorerzone my workplace as i wanted to eat the topshell there. leefong,yajun,tricia was working, and weikang,vincent, daryl and his friend was there too. after finishing the topshell, we(leefong,sandy.k and me) went to play photohunt and word dojo and pool all thw way untill closing. andrew came back with a friend and we(andrew,his friend,leefong,sandy.k and me) went over to block226, we ate there and chatted all the way till five and we left for home. leefong was bugging andrew and friend all the way to teach her how to ride/start a bike , laughs* she's so persistent.

sandy.k with me, taken at pinsi .

sandykoh and me with the neoprint (:

leefong and me (:

yajun and me (:

orange juice, milk tea and me (:

sandy.k with the neoprint we took [:

that neoprint four years ago, leefong was in it too. lets take a neoprint again, together <3

sandy.k and yajun, yajun and me [:

lastly, we took too many photos [:

14th november 2009
- sandy.k and me with my chowamushi (:

met up with sandy.k and headed for angmokio central's broadwayplaza to have sushi, afterwhich we went hub after a round of billard at kpool, to shop for some clothes and cosmetic. went to thebodyshop, bought a shimmer gloss and was given a mascara and a two small bottles of perfume(aqua lilly) from my aunt . went to osmose next and bought a top at a total of twenty percent discount, as i was a member and it was my birthday month. sandy.k wanted to eat at thedesserthouse, hence we went there and saw ahheng, he's working as a waiter there. sandy.k went to watsons and bought something and we left for home afterwhich (:

photos taken at thedesserthouse - ahheng and "ahheng effect" (:

- sandy.k and me with our desserts (:

13th november 2009
happy birthday yajun (: celebrated it at explorerzone

[overdue photos and post (: ]

27th october 2009
kelvin(boss) birthday celebration photos (: had the celebration at explorer and left to bugis with explorer clique for steamboat after the celebrations at explorer (:

kelvin's ice cream cake and him at explorer (: aww * he's blushing .

taken at bugis, while we're having steamboat , kelvin and us (:

11th october 2009
happy birthday, dearest leefong (: you're loved .

my days , not yours.
Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 7:50 PM
the whispers turns to shouting
the shouting turns to tears
your tears turns to laughter
and took away our fears .